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How Many Points Is Reckless Driving In New Jersey

How Many Points Is Reckless Driving In NJ?

Driving is a passion for most people, and they end up driving above the specified speed limits, resulting in traffic charges with severe penalties. Severe penalties include imprisonment, fines, and negative points to your record. To know “How many points is reckless driving in New Jersey,” you should consult a skilled lawyer. A lawyer will help you understand how points get accumulated for reckless driving in New Jersey. Unfortunately, most clients in New Jersey are unaware of how many points is reckless driving in New Jersey and proceed to deal with the charge without professional assistance. Trying to defend your charge without an attorney is a serious blunder. For example, one could be charged with reckless driving if he/she operated the vehicle in such a way as to endanger life or property. Suppose there is sufficient evidence that a driver operated the vehicle in a reckless manner. In that case, one of the first things the driver asks the New Jersey lawyer is, “How many points is reckless driving in New Jersey?”

Adding negative points to your record can have long-term consequences, and knowing from a skilled New Jersey lawyer how many points reckless driving in New Jersey can help you address the issue adequately. When someone is facing a reckless driving charge, the general assumption is that the driver has recklessly operated the vehicle with disregard for the safety of others. While several factors are considered in identifying if the behavior is punishable, one of the primary factors considered is the speed at which the driver was operating his vehicle. Knowing the penalties that can be imposed helps you make the right decisions. Contact the skilled New Jersey lawyer at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C., to get more information about How many points is reckless driving in New Jersey. Then, schedule an appointment with our New Jersey reckless driving lawyer right away!!

Consequences of reckless driving

Suspended License New JerseyNew Jersey law considers the act of operating a vehicle recklessly a punishable offense. A first-time reckless driving conviction in New Jersey can result in jail time of 60 days, and a second-time conviction can result in a 90-day conviction. For a first-time conviction, the fine is between $50 and $100, and for a second-time conviction, the fine ranges between $100 and $500. On knowing about imprisonment and fines, the next thing that worries clients is, “How many points is reckless driving in New Jersey?” In New Jersey, 5 points can be added for your reckless driving conviction. In addition to the points that may be added, you are left with a record that is marked with your conviction, which is sure to appear on background checks.

Employers conduct background checks on employees to know the employee’s criminal history. Being convicted for such a reckless charge with points on your record can be a hurdle to your future employment. Avoid the negative consequences of your reckless driving conviction by taking the assistance of a skilled New Jersey lawyer. An experienced lawyer can effectively represent your case and avoid possible penalties. Contact our lawyer at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. We can provide comprehensive solutions depending on the facts and circumstances of your case. Call our New Jersey lawyer right away about the points accumulated on your record!!

How to defend your charge?

There are different ways to defend your charge. Each case is different. The strategies that apply to your friend’s case may not apply to your case. While some charges arise from drunk driving behavior, other charges are caused by reckless or careless operation of the vehicle. Regardless of the nature of the offense, a driver should be aware of How many points is reckless driving in New Jersey. Knowing about the effect of the conviction on your record helps you identify ways to reduce the points. You will be surprised to know that completing a driving course can help reduce the negative effect of a conviction. Get an appointment with our lawyer at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C., to know how many points are reduced by completing a driving course.

For more information about your charge, consult with our team. Our New Jersey lawyer will analyze your case to guide you in the right direction. For strategies that suit the facts of your case, discuss your case with our lawyer at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. Our New Jersey lawyer will try to provide you with quick solutions regardless of the technical nature of the charge. Call us now!!

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