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How do New York State divorce lawyers advocate for families during child custody battles?

Child custody disputes are among the most challenging and demanding matters that divorce attorneys manage. The court must intervene and render a judgment when parents cannot agree on how to raise their children. This can be difficult since the court must consider the child’s interest in every situation.

According to New York State law, “the well-being of the child” is the court’s top priority when deciding child custody disputes. This means that a range of considerations, such as the parents’ parenting abilities, the child’s connection with each parent, the child’s mental and physical health, and the child’s wants, will be taken into account by the court when making its judgment.

The court may award one parent sole custody under particular circumstances. This indicates that the parent will have primary custody of the child and visitation privileges for the other parent. The court may grant shared custody in different situations. This implies that the child will spend time with both parents, and that both parents will have a considerable say in the child’s upbringing.

Divorce attorneys are crucial in promoting the objectives of their clients’ children, regardless of the case’s outcome. Schedule a consultation with our new york state divorce lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., who can assist parents in coming to decisions that benefit their kids, and if required, they can represent parents in court.

Factors Considered in New York State Child Custody Determinations

Child custody is one of the most crucial decisions a couple makes when they split or divorce. The court will weigh several factors before making its determination.

The Wishes of the Child

The court considers the child’s wishes as one of the most crucial things. However, the child’s age also matters. The court might not give the requests of younger children as much importance as the wishes of older children since they may not be able to express themselves effectively.

The Child’s Emotional and Physical Needs

The court will consider the child’s mental and physical requirements. This covers the child’s age, well-being, and potential special requirements. Whichever custody plan is chosen, the court will want to ensure that each child’s needs are addressed.

Child’s Emotional Bonds with Each Parent

The court will also consider the child’s emotional connections to each parent. The child’s connection with each parent and their preference for the parent they want to live with are included.

Parental Willingness to Collaborate in Child-rearing

The ability of the parents to work together to raise the child will also be taken into account by the court. This involves the parents’ capacity to communicate with one another and collaborate on parenting decisions. Whatever custody arrangement is chosen, the court will want to ensure that it serves the child’s well-being.

Parental History of Violence or Abuse

The court will consider the parent’s history of abuse or violence. The court may be less inclined to grant custody of the child to either parent if they have a history of abuse or violence.

The Child’s School and Extracurricular Activities

The court will also consider the child’s educational and extracurricular pursuits. The court would want to ensure that the arrangement for custody does not obstruct the child’s participation in school or other extracurricular activities if necessary.

Other Factors

When deciding on child custody, the court may consider additional reasons besides those mentioned above. These elements could include the parents’ living situations, history of substance misuse, and mental and physical health.

The Impact of Child Custody Disputes on Children

Child custody disputes can have a significant effect on them. Stress, anxiety, and sadness may result from them. They may also result in issues at school and in interpersonal relationships. Child custody disputes may occasionally result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Different children react differently to custody disputes based on the child’s personality, age, and the case specifics. But some frequent outcomes are as follows:

Feeling Insecure and Anxious: Children of divorce frequently worry about their future residence, social circle, and overall quality of life. This can result in feelings of anxiety and insecurity.

Struggling in School: Children of divorce frequently struggle in school and find it hard to focus. They can also have a hard time eating or sleeping, which can result in academic issues.

Having Issues Trusting Adults: When kids witness their parents arguing, they could start questioning all adults’ reliability. Future development of healthy relationships may prove challenging for them as a result.

Withdrawing from Family and Friends: Children of divorce may distance themselves from their friends and relatives. They can also start to misbehave or act violently.

How new york state divorce lawyers Advocate for Families during child custody battles

Divorce attorneys support child custody disputes in a variety of ways.

  • They aid parents in comprehending their legal alternatives and rights. They can assist parents in creating a parenting schedule that satisfies their kids’ needs, and they can explain the elements the court will consider when making a judgment.
  • Parents can negotiate settlements with one another with the aid of divorce attorneys. Since it enables parents to agree on a solution, this is frequently the better option to settle child custody disputes. Parents can communicate more effectively with the aid of divorce attorneys, and if necessary, they can resolve conflicts.
  • The case can go to trial if the parents are unable to agree. The new york state divorce lawyers will represent the client’s interests in court in this situation. The attorney will argue for the client’s stance and present the judge with evidence.

Child custody disputes may be challenging and unpleasant for all parties involved. However, you may go through this trying period and emerge stronger on the other side with the assistance of a knowledgeable new york state divorce lawyers and the support of family and friends. If you are facing a child custody battle, our experienced divorce lawyer at The Law Offices Of SRIS.P.C. can help protect your child’s interests and provide legal guidance to achieve fair and favorable resolutions.

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