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Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey

Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey

Mutual Protection Orders in NJ

An adult victim of domestic violence can apply for a Temporary Restraining Order in the Court of law under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act (PDVA). The plaintiff or victim must claim that the defendant committed domestic violence against them and that their life, health, or well-being are in immediate danger. The TRO will be granted if the judge determines the plaintiff is likely in danger.

Before delving into Mutual Protection Orders, we need to know about Protection Orders.

To obtain a Protective Order for domestic violence, the victim must be in a relationship that is described here and commits one of the following crimes against the victim:

  • homicide;
  • assault;
  • terroristic threats;
  • kidnapping;
  • criminal restraint;
  • false imprisonment;
  • sexual assault;
  • criminal sexual contact;
  • lewdness;
  • criminal mischief;
  • burglary;
  • criminal trespass;
  • harassment;
  • cyber-harassment;
  • stalking;
  • criminal coercion;
  • robbery;
  • contempt of a domestic violence order;
  • any other crime involving the risk of death or serious bodily injury.

The victims can obtain Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey with the aid and assistance of an experienced attorney. Our attorney at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., should be the right choice if you are looking for Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey.

What do you mean by Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey?

The purpose of restraining orders issued in New Jersey is to shield victims from ongoing domestic violence. However, there are times when both partners in a domestic or intimate relationship may believe that they are victims and require legal protection from the other. As long as both parties can demonstrate their case to a judge, each party can have a restraining order against the other. These types of orders are known as Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey. Talk to a versatile attorney about the Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey now!

Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey – Temporary Restraining Order

A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) means you can request an immediate temporary ex parte restraining order (TRO) when filing a complaint for a restraining order. If a judge determines that it is necessary to safeguard your life, health, or well-being, he or she may grant you a TRO. An ex parte TRO means the judge will make this decision solely on the information you provide, without the abuser being present in Court and without prior notice to him or her. The order will remain in effect until the hearing for a final restraining order. This should typically be scheduled within ten days.

Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey – Final restraining order

A judge can give you a final restraining order after a hearing in which you both have a chance to tell your side of the story through testimony, evidence, and witnesses. A final restraining order can last forever and has no expiration date—or until one of the parties files a legal motion asking the judge to end or modify (change) the order and the judge agrees.

Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey – Can it be Temporary or Final?

Parties in a relationship might request a TRO against the other; in any case, each should meet the essential circumstances. Depending on the facts, the judge may grant one petition, both, or neither. Even though two people in a relationship may be dangerous to each other, the aggressor may sometimes file an improper TRO because the victim defended themselves against their abuse. Similarly, a person might be accused of domestic abuse to harass them or get custody of their children.

When both parties make allegations of abuse, the judge will likely pay close attention to any indications that the claims are false. During the FRO hearing, the attorney with experience handling cases involving domestic violence should effectively represent the parties. Talk to your attorney about the Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey and your chances of obtaining them.

Is hiring an attorney for Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey necessary?

A restraining order can significantly alter your life. Speak with our domestic violence attorney right away if you are the victim or even if someone has petitioned for a restraining order against you. To ensure that your rights are safeguarded, you must act quickly. Our attorney at the Law Offices of SRIS. P.C., has a good track record of achieving results in Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey. If you have any queries regarding Mutual Protection Orders in New Jersey, do not hesitate to get in touch with our attorney. For a positive outcome, call us now!

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